Raspnana Muffins

I'm super excited about this week's Sunday Snacko. It is my very own recipe and I'm naming it 'Raspnana Muffins' (subject to name change...haha). This recipe is refined sugar free, dairy free and so delicious!!

There is a bit of gluten in this recipe but if you'd like to make a gluten free version, simply switch the oats for quinoa flakes and make sure the baking powder is noted as being gluten free. 


Nib Cookies

Cookies are something you should never have to buy in a packet!! I just whipped these babies up in under 20mins from scratch. No refine sugar, no gluten, plenty of taste! 

1 1/4 cups almond meal 
1/4 cup cacao nibs 
2 1/2 tbsp melted coconut oil 
2 tbsp maple syrup (or raw honey or rice malt syrup) 
Pinch salt 
1/4 tsp gluten free baking powder 
1/4 tsp vanilla extract 


Confuse Me!?

Confusion. Frustration. Stress. Conflict. Anger. 

What do all these words relate to? FOOD! It's quite amazing to think that the topic of food could bring with it so much controversy and emotion. So much arguing goes on regarding this delicious topic. More so now that we have the social media tools to louden our voice and broaden our audience. 


Kind Post Marathon Eating (plus recipe!)

So, the Melbourne Marathon was yesterday. So many weeks of running, so many kilometres and so much blood, sweat and tears to get ready for one (big) event... This means that post-marathon you have a free pass to eat whatever-the hell-you-want... Right?! No. Sorry... Not so much. 

 Yes, I know your garmin tells you that you burned 2,500-3,500 (or more!) calories in just that one run but please don't just ruin all that hard work and amazing effort by binging on sugary, highly processed foods and alchohol... Please. 

Treat at your body with the respect it deserves after putting it through the stressors and unforgiving pounding that is required to make it through 42.2kms. 


S.N.A.C balls (my first recipe)

S.N.A.C balls 



This is the first time I have put together my own little recipe and I’m excited/inspired/anxious. Excited and inspired because I’d love to one day have enough healthy recipes to put a book together (gotta start somewhere)… Anxious because I so hope everyone likes it!!!  


These little babies bring back memories of the numerous (I’d hate to think how many…!) ‘mumballs’ I ate of Nan’s (also known as rumballs but without rum). I used to love Nan’s baking but since becoming very health conscious and somewhat picky about what goes into my body, I've been trying to recreate healthy versions of Nan’s baking. And Nan is more than happy to try out my version of her classics. She is a gem. 


So, here is my healthy version of Nan’s mumballs - refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, goodness filled. 



Which DID come first?!

It's the age old question - what came first, the chicken or the egg...? And when you really (really) think about it, it's actually super confusing...!! Which did come first?? How was the egg there without the chicken?! How was the chicken there without the egg?! Oh my gosh. It's mind blowing!! 

I would like to focus this question towards weight loss / healthy living - which comes first? Exercise or Nutrition...? 

I believe that this question is just as confusing as the chicken/egg question. Depending on who you talk to, one person will tell you that 'nutrition is much more important, don't even worry about fitness!!' then, the next person you talk to would say 'start with exercise first - and burn those calories you are eating'. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this matter but I believe that it is super individual and I know people who have succeeded both ways so I will give you my personal experience. 

Now, this is a little embarrassing for me. My current lifestyle is very (!!) active, I don't eat refined sugar, fast food, processed foods, soft drinks, very little dairy & gluten and I eat loads of greens (plus a little more greens). BUT, it hasn't always been this way... 


It's all relative

We seem to live in a world where we are constantly comparing ourself to someone else:
'Her waist is flatter than mine'
'He earns more money than me'
'Their house is always cleaner than mine'
'His car is better than mine'
'Her hair is longer than mine'
I could go on forever but I think you get the picture. And frankly - I'm sick of it! 

We are all guilty off doing it. I used to compare myself to people on a daily basis and I'll tell you what, it is exhausting!! 


I'm so excited (I just can't hide it!)

I am so freaking excited about life at the moment. I have so many reasons to be feeling this way. Let me explain... 

Number one - first and foremost is that I've learned about the fantastic benefits of cocao and have therefore reintroduced CHOCOLATE into my food intake! Whoo!! This is huge for me. I had completely sworn myself of all sugar which included most sweets and my favourite - CHOCOLATE! All the research I had done on the negative effects of sugar (mainly fructose) had scared me off eating the addictive white stuff so it actually wasn't as hard to stop eating as I had expected, but I did love the sweet stuff. 


One Size Does Not Fit All

In the time I have been involved in helping people achieve their fitness goals, I have come to realise that in the fitness world there is no 'one size fits all' or 'OSFA'. In fact, in life in general there's not many circumstances where OSFA can be applied - unless you're buying a beanie for the Ballarat winter. 

I wanted to tell you this because I think it's important you know that just because you don't enjoy the bootcamp sessions your friend dragged you along to because 'you'll love it, I do!' or all your mates are in the tan clan but running just isn't for you - doesn't mean you should make yourself wear camouflage or start running marathons! BUT it also doesn't mean that you should give up on fitness altogether. 


My Cleanse - Final Day

The last day of my organic cleanse has arrived and I am feeling on top of the world. I'm so much more energised - I've been to the gym, walked the dog - twice, another walk with my sister, been to the fruit & veg store (for tomorrow!), read my book, cleaned the whole house and cleaned my car. Pretty sure that's the most productive Saturday I've ever had! 

I have had a lot of people contact me over the three day journey saying that they'd be interested in doing a cleanse. I just wanted to share a couple of things with you. 

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